Cracking the Code of Consonants

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  • 24/7 Access
  • 12 Weeks
Our Cracking the Code of Consonants Course is designed for those that want to improve their pronunciation and/or soften their accent, covering all of the consonants in the English language.
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Cracking the Code of Consonants is one of our mini courses and is designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of consonants and how to use them in your speech. Whether you're someone wanting to improve your pronunciation or someone wanting to soften your accent down towards RP, Cracking the Code of Consonants covers all of the consonants within Received Pronunciation via range of video, audio and PDF modules. 


What's Included

Practical, hands-on training via the Academy and mobile app
A mixture of video, audio and PDF resources to aid your learning
Support from our dedicated team of specialists

Course Lessons

About Your Coach

James Percy-Smith

Our Head Coach and Managing Director, James, founded The Elocution Coach following years of experience as a professional actor, voice over artist and multi-award winning entrepreneur. 

James currently coaches a small group of clients on The Ultimate Programme as well as our nationwide events dotted across the year. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Cracking the Code of Consonants

£27 incl. VAT