Voice Assessment

To get started on your journey towards improving your speech, the first step is to complete a Voice Assessment. This assessment is essential as it allows us to analyse your speech fully, offer expert advice on areas that require the most work and discuss a personalised plan for you. 
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The Process

The Voice Assessment is made up of two parts. The first section takes only 20-30 minutes to complete, after which one of our Senior Associate Coaches will go through the results with you and highlight the key areas for improvement.

Vowels & Consonants

You will initially undergo a series of tests, focusing on your creation of vowel and consonant sounds. This includes monophthongs, diphthongs, triphthongs, single consonants as well as consonant blends. 

Articulation & Diction

You will then be asked to complete a number of tasks to assess your current articulation and diction levels, including your speed of speech and vocal strength.

Public Speaking & Communication

The last part of the assessment will involve testing your current public speaking and communication skills using a number of different exercises, both in a relaxed format as a well as pressured environment.

Results & Recommendation

Once the assessment is complete, we will complete the full analysis and run through the results with you in your session. We will also run through the options with regards to training and which programme may be best for your needs and requirements.

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The Elocution Coach has quickly become one of the UK's top elocution companies, led by international elocution coach, James Percy-Smith. James and his team are committed to helping as many people across the world to beat their speech hurdles, with all budgets in mind.
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