Master the Art of Speaking™

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Our Master the Art of Speaking™ Course is our most comprehensive free course, covering the basics of becoming a better speaker. Discover how to find clarity, confidence and conviction in your speech with just 5-10 minutes of practice per day.
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Eye Contact




Public Speaking


Body Language

Master the Art of Speaking™ is one of our free courses and is designed give you a flavour of our training at The Elocution Coach, covering all of the basics that you need to start your speech improvement journey.


What's Included

Practical, hands-on training via the Academy and mobile app
A mixture of video, audio and PDF resources to aid your learning
Support from our dedicated team of specialists

Course Lessons

About Your Coach

James Percy-Smith

Our Head Coach and Managing Director, James, founded The Elocution Coach following years of experience as a professional actor, voice over artist and multi-award winning entrepreneur. 

James currently coaches a small group of clients on The Ultimate Programme as well as our nationwide events dotted across the year. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

Master the Art of Speaking™

£0.00 - FREE