Master the Art of Speaking™ Course

Designed to give you a full flavour of our training at The Elocution Coach, this free course has over 25+ modules and activities to help boost your speech.
If you don't see an enrol button above then unfortunately you have missed the window to enrol. Please contact us by live chat for more info.
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    Master the Art of Speaking™ Workshop

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why can't I see an enrol button for this course?

    The Master the Art of Speaking™ Course is currently only available to those that have attended our Master the Art of Speaking™ Workshops. We open enrolment at the beginning of each of each workshops and close it shortly after to ensure that we are able to support those students that have attended. If you believe you should be able to see the enrol button but it's not showing, please contact our support team by live chat or [email protected].

    Is this course really free?

    Yes! It's 100% free. Although we have a number of one-time and subscription based services at The Elocution Coach, we also have a range of free resources to help build their confidence in speaking, and this is one of them. Rest assured, you'll never be asked to enter your card details for any of our free resources.

    Can I take this course on my mobile phone?

    Absolutely, we actually have a free iOS and Android app called Elocution+. You'll find the download links at the bottom of this page. On enrolment, you'll be able to login as you usually do either on the web or on the app.